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Esa Tornikoski

Product Manager

"I am proud that I get to work in such a talented team”

I came to SSH in 2017 to the Product Manager Position. Before that I have done multiple roles in cyber security. I decided to apply for the product Manager role and during the recruitment process I got a feeling that this could be a really great place to work.

In my position as Product Manager I am in charge of one our access management products called PrivX. My role is diverse, I get to do interesting and new things. I work closely with R&D, sales and marketing, also meeting our customers regularly. I would describe myself as analytical, capable for problem solving and I get along with different kinds of people. I see these as my strengths.

In our team there is multiple roles and professional people. I am proud that I get to work in such a talented team. We are privileged that we can work in interesting business area using modern methods and tools. At SSH there is multiple roles and career paths. I get to work alongside professionals and see new ways of doing things.

The most valuable thing that I have learned during my career in SSH is that we don’t see failures as failures. We learn from them and those moments are great ways to try out new ways of doing things and that can lead to something amazing. In SSH we are like a family and we know each other well. In SSH we have multiple and various roles for diverse people.