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David Wishart

Partnerships Director

“SSH has provide me grow as a professional and try out new ideas and things”

I am David Wishart and I work as a Partnership Director for SSH, based in the UK. After completing my master’s degree from Imperial College London in electrical & electronic engineering, I worked in various enterprise and security roles in London New York and Sydney. In my last role at Deutsche Bank I was responsible for bringing new security technology into the bank, one of the problems we had to solve was managing SSH keys. Although I knew the ssh protocol intimately, this was my first introduction to SSH the company. My initial perception of the people we worked with at SSH was that they were easy to work with, smart, hardworking & had a great sense of customer care. Although it was a big decision to leave working within the banking industry, I knew it was the right move to take the opportunity to work at SSH.

I started in SSH in 2016 as Solution Engineer Manager looking after our software deployments at European customers. From there, I moved to running EMEA Technical Sales & my current role is Partnership Director. My role is to build the channel business at SSH through partnerships, working with our systems integrators, value-added re-sellers & consultants. I work in the UK and we normally visit the Helsinki office couple times a year. Of course, we work really close with all offices in daily basis.

We have a great team ethic & my team members are very much success-oriented both in terms of SSH and our customers. We have a great balance of technical & commercial strengths within the team. We have full trust for each other, and I would describe us as a happy & fun team. I really have enjoyed my journey in SSH, it has offered a great opportunity to me to grow professionally, try out new ideas and test myself beyond my previous technically orientated roles. Although I have learnt many new things at SSH, I would say being given the opportunity to go into roles that were new challenges is one of the most valuable aspects of working here.

If you are interested working in growing company, that give you the opportunity to grow with it & with great products, then SSH is the place for you!