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Nitin Abhishek

Release and Automation Engineer

“I thought it would be interesting to work in a company that started all this and created the famous and well-known product SSH”

My name is Nitin Abhishek and I work as a Release and Automation Engineer in SSH, which means that I am responsible for our continuous delivery systems and ensuring that each version and release is thoroughly tested for performance and reliability. Before I joined SSH in 2017 as a Technical Support Engineer, I had previously worked in Support team in a Company in India. I was aware of the importance of SSH protocol and when I saw the opportunity to work in SSH I applied. I thought it would be interesting to work in a company that created one of critical tools, SSH.

I like testing out new things and experiment with new ideas, and I think SSH provides a great environment to this. In my work I get to try out new ideas all the time and implement the feasible ones into production. The team I am in, is quite tight-knit and help is close at hand when needed. We have daily standups with our team where we can talk and solve problems.

Something that I have learned here is that there is no right way of solving technical problems. You must find a way that’s feasible and practical and constantly seek new opportunities for improvement. Another thing that I have noticed is that there’s an informal camaraderie within the team and we know each other well. And I think that has a good impact towards our work. We have team dinners where we can talk other things too and I really enjoy those.

In SSH people are given responsibility, you can express your ideas and voice your opinions. If you value independence, and yet a network of highly experienced people with decades of technical expertise to draw upon, and interesting work SSH is the place for you.