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Juho Kaski

Senior Customer Operations Engineer

“I encourage everyone to go abroad to work If there is the opportunity and courage to do so”

I am currently working as a Senior Customer Operations Engineer at SSH. I am information technology engineer and I have been working in SSH over 10 years. Here is my story as working in SSH.

My career started in SSH in 2007 as a Support Engineer. I was finishing my studies and looking for a permanent job. I decided to apply to SSH because I already had a similar work experience I was interested to learn about cyber security, and I wanted something challenging. Since then I have worked in multiple roles in the company and worked in our Boston Office in 2015-2016. Working in US was a great experience and it was great to see the differences working in US and Finland. I got a chance to see the world and travel through work. I encourage everyone to go abroad to work if there is the opportunity and courage to do so.

My work as a senior customer operations engineer includes multiple tasks like technical sales support, testing and training. I have gained a lot of experience during my career in SSH. In 2017 I went to work in other company in cloud service but decided to come back to SSH. I learned a lot about cloud services during my year in other company and I´ve gotten to use that knowledge and experience in my current role.

I would describe the working culture in SSH flexible, professional and trusty. We have a good team spirit in our team, and we know each other well. That helps us to succeed in our work. We trust each other’s professional skills and we help each other multiple ways. That makes us a strong team. If you are a strong team player, you like challenging work and want to work in a global firm this is the place for you. SSH offers diverse work and success factors that helps you grow as a professional.