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Senior Frontend Developer (PrivX)

Helsinki Apply before: 2020-01-01

Everything starts from a good user experience. Software that is enjoyable to use and easy to understand is the key for success.

You'll tweak the element spacing until it's perfect and consistent, yet, you know that building a beautiful and functional user interface requires understanding the whole cake from CSS, through DOM, Javascript and REST or Websocket APIs all the way to the backend.

You'll produce well-structured code for easy readability and maintenance. You dislike unnecessary dependencies but you're pragmatic and understand that sometimes taking on a dependency makes sense. You're versed in the cloud. You've done serverless, you know the architecture patterns and pitfalls, but still, creating beautiful user experiences is close to your heart.

Does this sound like you? Great! Join the PrivX team - we're nice people!

We expect:

  • Talking about vertical alignment produces a cold sweat out of habit
  • Javascript is cool without frameworks, though, having said that, React is rad, right?
  • A lovely user experience in any context is an inspiration which you also strive for
  • Cloud stuff, serverless, lambdas, API gateways and so forth are familiar to you
  • You'll also enjoy an occasional argument on whether or not the bug is in the backend or frontend

We provide:

  • The opportunity to work in a team of highly experienced and motivated software engineers
  • Excellent possibilities to learn new
  • A chance to make a difference - we are open to your ideas
  • Working remotely is possible but we still value time together
  • Occasional beers and pizzas

Your main focus would be PrivX, get a sneak peak here!

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