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Paid Media Specialist

Helsinki Apply before: 2020-03-15

Welcome to the core of digital security. We invented the SSH protocol in 1995 and have been safeguarding the data economy ever since. Our technology is used in over 90% of the worlds data centers, and our solutions are trusted by over 40% of Fortune 500 companies, including the worlds biggest banks and industrials. We don't just build products for the sake of doing something new, we do it to solve real-life challenges in the critical functions of our society. Our shares (SSH1V) are quoted on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki.

We are now looking for a Paid Media Specialist

Our global marketing team is looking for a paid media specialist. Our marketing has focused most of the activities to organic growth in the digital environment. Now we open an opportunity for a senior person to run our paid activities in digital marketing.

The right candidate is able to think how a piece of content should be promoted through different channels, optimize it for paid channels and learn where and how to get the best possible outcome for every campaign. You should have a combination of a good knowledge of paid advertising and skills in campaign execution. The person does not need to be a veteran in digital marketing, but basic paid advertising certificates need to exist.

The role will be located in Helsinki, Finland and the responsibilities include operating on paid activities with the help of the team. Paid advertising consists of a full view on our activities in different media platforms, social media and physical events.

We prefer if you have a background in B2B marketing, know what generating leads in the B2B context means and you have the ability to make decisions. A degree from the best marketing schools is not mandatory. We put more emphasis on what you have learned previously and your ability to operate in a world of diverse marketing projects.

The team has the skills to help you in day-to-day work. You are bound to learn something new almost every day which helps you build your skillset. Cyber security is a jungle of acronyms that even the professionals rarely understand, so don’t be afraid to apply!

We expect:

  • You not only speak English very well but can live in a world of acronyms (or find the right answer from Google).
  • You know how to customize core messages for the right channel and can continue the resulting conversations with ease.
  • You have a relevant background in B2B marketing with at least of 5 years of experience.
    • Experience in consumer marketing is a plus but we prefer B2B experience.
  • The terms SEO, forums, paid advertising and other promotion related things are familiar to you. You also know when to make the decision to promote something that is about to catch fire.
  • Our website is a key to our success: you know how to get the attention of potential customers and get them excited about our website.
  • You have successfully grown blog traffic for a brand before, can share the results and explain how you did it.
  • You have an eye for our channels, partner channels, guest blogging plus other ways to get potential customers to engage with our view of the market.
  • You know how to challenge our marketing team and you are goal oriented when it comes to execution.
  • You’re proactive at coming up with new ideas on how to drive growth. We can’t always tell you what the next step is, you should be telling us.

We appreciate:

  • Good knowledge of social media in the B2B context
  • Basic understanding of marketing automation tools
  • Self-learning skills, interest to learn more about the IT security market

We provide:

  • The opportunity to work in a team of highly experienced and talented software engineers that create world-class commercial security software
  • Excellent possibilities to learn new skills and grow.
  • A competitive salary and benefits, including extensive healthcare, flexible working hours and remote work options, company-supported sports activities - and a gym. We also have several active clubs and leisure activities.
About SSH SSH.COM. Secure access to your digital core: your critical data, applications and services. Everyone knows us. Secure Shell is everywhere. It's the bedrock of trusted data flow and the secure transactions that grease the digital economy. We are the company behind it. Ever since inventing Secure Shell in Helsinki 1995, we have been quietly revolutionizing secure access and encryption. Our business mojo comes from unique insight into the world's most demanding digitally-driven organizations, from our passion for supporting the open source community, and from our monster patent portfolio. We have a hardcore dev culture and we're doggedly customer-driven. We specialize in finding and eliminating the blind spots in living security architecture. Our best-of-breed, rock-solid, scalable, commercial software solutions are designed with love for CISOs, sysadmins and end-users, from massive finance and industrial companies to agile teams and cloud-borne start-ups. If you have any questions regarding the position, you can contact our recruiting manager: