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PrivX SaaS Cloud Engineer

Helsinki Apply before: 2021-03-31

Welcome to the core of digital security. We invented the SSH protocol in 1995 and have been safeguarding the data economy ever since. Our technology is used in over 90% of the worlds data centers, and our solutions are trusted by over 40% of Fortune 500 companies, including the worlds biggest banks and industrials. We don't just build products for the sake of doing something new, we do it to solve real-life challenges in the critical functions of our society. Our shares (SSH1V) are quoted on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki.


Do you want to define the future of secure access with us? Do you want to make a difference? Then read on...

At SSH, developers are at the heart of every product. We believe in each other's talent and value each other's work. We take a holistic approach to every functionality we add to our products. We do not believe in bureaucracy, instead we foster a sense of ownership in each other to do the best we can to provide effective solutions to our customers.

We are looking for an experienced cloud engineer who is self-motivated, accountable and a strong team player. You like working in an agile environment and don't think in absolute terms. You have the ability to visualize how things should work based on a high-level design sketched with your team-mates and translate it into a functioning solution. You value code maintainability over using the newest tools in town just for the sake of novelty. If these values resonate with you, then you might just be the person we are looking for.


About the team

You will join a team of similar-minded developers in the PrivX SaaS team. The SaaS team works in close co-operation with the PrivX core product development team. We take pride in our work and use modern practices to achieve common goals - we believe that processes exist to help us serve our customers better.

PrivX is released every six to eight weeks and we improve the product in an agile, iterative manner with short release cycles. The SaaS team, having closely worked with the core team, takes the release, and deploys it for our SaaS customers. Naturally, the SaaS team oversees developing all the tooling and chrome needed to run the product as a service for our customers in AWS.

Our current tooling in PrivX SaaS includes Cloud Development Kit (CDK) and TypeScript. Some of the AWS services we use include, EC2, RDS, EFS, Lambda’s, ALB/NLB, App GW, Cognito, S3, Quicksight and are planning to add Kubernetes into the mix. The UIs have been written in Javascript with the help of our React-based SSH.COM UI component library.

On the PrivX core side the current tooling includes Golang, C++, modern JavaScript, React, Docker, Git, Virtualized environments and Jenkins.


Your skill set does not exactly match the tooling we've taken into use? No problem!


Technology after all is just a means to an end. Your willingness to learn and adapt is what counts. We think that experience in deploying applications to run in the cloud is a must-have as is knowledge of infrastructure as code (IaC). You’ve been in the cloud and know your way around there.


Standalone CDK examples:


Your responsibilities include

  • Developing and being responsible for the tooling required to keep PrivX SaaS up and running for our customers
  • Being involved in SaaS platform development, including new features, improvements and architectural changes
  • Writing maintainable and secure code that will be used in mission-critical customer environments
  • Testing the code you write, QA is part of what you do, and not limited to unit tests and API tests
  • Participating actively in peer code review
  • Working as a team player


We offer you

  • A chance to innovate something new in the secure access domain
  • Tools of your choice for your daily work
  • Flexible working hours and option to work remotely when needed, we hear you
  • Extensive health care plan, your health is as important as your work to us
  • Lunch and recreational benefits
  • Fresh fruits, coffee and tea for office chit-chats
  • Mobile phone benefit


How to apply

Submit your application latest by March 31st at

We will be reviewing applications and making the decisions during the application period, so do not wait until the last minute! If you have any questions, please contact Miikka Sainio, .



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Everyone knows us. Secure Shell is everywhere. It's the bedrock of trusted data flow and the secure transactions that grease the digital economy. We are the company behind it. Ever since inventing Secure Shell in Helsinki 1995, we have been quietly revolutionizing secure access and encryption.

Our business mojo comes from a unique insight into the world's most demanding digitally-driven organizations, from our passion for supporting the open-source community, and from our monster IP portfolio. We have a hardcore dev culture and we're doggedly customer-driven. We specialize in finding and eliminating the blind spots in living security architecture. Our best-of-breed, rock-solid, scalable, commercial software solutions are designed with love for CISOs, sysadmins and end-users – from massive finance and industrial companies to agile teams and cloud-born start-ups.

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